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27795 Full Metal Survival Stick
27795  Full Metal Survival Stick

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This machined aluminum staff is one of the most versatile and practical products that we make. It is *designed and manufactured in Charlotte NC. CNC Warrior has a long history of producing quality products and backing them up with great service. So, you can rest assured that your stick will provide many years of dependable service.

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For Walking
If you take leisurely walks around the neighborhood or down the street, this stick makes an attractive, light-weight, non-threatening walking stick that can be quickly deployed for personal protection should the need arise. Click here to read about some of the well known health benefits of using a walking stick.

For Survival
Each tubular section in your stick can be used as a watertight compartment. This allows you to store survival supplies within the stick itself that will be available if needed. This can include first aid, fire making, emergency shelter, pest control, fishing, and many other useful items. Click here to see more survival supply ideas. Carrying the supplies within the stick itself provides a level of concealment as well as the comfort of having possible needed items with you on a hike without having to pack and carry a full bug-out bag at all times.

For Personal Defense
CNC Warrior's iconic "demon tip" gives you the means to fend off predators/attackers without necessarily causing fatal harm. Each stick includes an aluminum demon tip which will serve this purpose well in most cases. It is concealed under a reinforced rubber cane tip for a non-threatening appearance and to provide typical walking cane functionality. The rubber piece is easily and quickly removed by simply pulling it straight off.

Click Here to read more about the interchangeable tips.

The Survival Stick is also re-configurable. We provide the points, end caps, joints, o-rings, and thread adapters you need to connect the tubes in any combination that you can think of. We provide the tubes in a variety of lengths and will expand the available lengths based on customer requests.

We currently offer three standard configurations.

This is the survival stick configuration. It has 16 parts, 7 sections, is approx 63in tall, and can disassemble into a 10in bag (not included).

With a height over 60in and weight of about 2.5 lb, it offers plenty of storage area, a good height for most hikers, and includes both the demon tip and a pointed tip for sticking into the ground or spearing. All parts are interchangeable with the other staffs that we offer, so additional components can be added later to suit whatever need you may have.

Choose one of our standard configurations or call to request a custom stick. We can also, by request only, provide them at a discounted rate in raw aluminum form (so that you can paint or otherwise finish the stick in any way that you wish).

You have just found the perfect gift for that hiker, walker, camper, survivalist, or prepper in your family!

Purchase with confidence knowing that we will stand behind it for years to come.

Actual Manufacturer Direct Pricing

We are offering them now at an incredible introductory sale price. The cost of material, machine time, finishing, and packaging these products in the USA are substantially higher than if we imported them. But we remain competitive in markets like this by dealing direct with you, the valued customer. We are the manufacturer, so if you ever have a problem or improvement idea, you can discuss it with the people who are intimately familiar with this item's production.

Additional accessories and stock configurations are coming soon. We have many ideas for expanding the usefulness of this product in the future and hope to unlock the creativity of it's early adopters by responding to their ideas as quickly and effectively as possible. Please feel free to email: info@cncwarrior.com or call: 1-877-511-9277 with ideas or questions.

* CNC Warrior is producing these items based on the original design of Rick Brodrick, of Charlotte, NC. Developed in conjunction with same.

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