Stormbinder MOD Stock

We have worked over a year to design and produce this extremely versatile equipment for your gun. It really offers 3 new products (a compact , heat treated, stainless steel hinge, an armbrace, and a buttstock).

Feature Breakdown:

"Micro" 1913 Sidefolding Hinge

Hardened 416 Stainless Steel Construction
The hinge base and arm are both milled from 416 SS billet, heat treated, and black oxided. Designed to provide a lifetime of consistent performance and to withstand all but the most harsh environments.

Infinite vertical adjustment
There is intentionally no cross bar to fit into the rail slots, so you can adjust the position of this device vertically on the rail exactly where you want it. There should be little need for additional bracing since the device is mounted on the rear of the gun and receives almost all opposing forces.

Optional locking studs
If you do need to lock it down absolutely, 2 dog-point set screws are provided that can jam into the picatinny slots.

Mounts to Rear 1913 Picatinny Rails
CNC Warrior has many years experience with the 1913 interface and tests all products against mil-specs as well as with numerous industry samples

Compact Design (approx. 1.5" cube)
This hinge was designed to be very compact so that it will fit almost any rear railed gun. That also keeps the overall device weight down.

LH or RH primary folding configuration
As with CNC Warrior's traditional hinge system (derived from proven military application) we supply this hinge system in both LH and RH folding configuration. You also may flip this one "upside-down" and it will fold the other direction but then you have to pull it up instead of pushing down to disengage.

Solid lockup when deployed / Semi lockup when folded
Small radiused edges along the top of the hinge arm backside engagement lug allow the hinge to be deployed quickly by providing a semi-locked condition in the folded position.

Made in USA, with US sourced components, materials and finishes.

Features for Both Armbrace and Buttstock Configurations

All Corrosion Resistant Aluminum and Stainless Steel
We wanted to provide a worry free device that would last a lifetime. While of course we would encourage cleaning and oiling the device, it should not be prevalent to rusting.

Switch from Brace to Buttstock configuration with a single screw
We intend to sell the device in one configuration or the other depending on your need. But should you ever need to convert it, a small subsection of parts can be purchased and it can be changed very easily.

Telescopic Length
6.5in to 9.5in not including the hinge. With micro hinge, length from back of your receiver is approx. 7.8in to 10.8in

Length is Field Adjustable with a single thumb screw
The thumb screw presses a spring loaded ball nose pin into spherical detents on the interior of the opposing tubular wall to lock the telescopic length into any one of 14 available positions. This gives you fine length control, superb lockup strength, and simple operation.


Adjustable buttplate position
Even without a cheekrest installed, the buttplate can be set to desired height to customize the look and feel of your weapon in the shooting positon.

Adjustable height cheekrest
The cheekrest features a thick elastomer pad for comfort, durability, and color retention over time. It fits like a glove over the stock tube and is accessible with cheek from either side of the gun. The height is adjustable with a single screw.

Pistol Brace
Hook and loop style Arm strap compatible with CNC Warrior's tubular armbrace

Stylish design provides minimal weight but full size forearm engagement

Whether you need a stock or an armbrace, LH or RH folding, for an MCX, M92, RAK47, PC Charger, or other; Whether you need short or long, with a cheekrest or not, this stock should warrant your strong consideration.

As always, CNC Warrior backs up your purchase 100%. We have always worked to make sure that customers are happy with the products that we sell them, and see no reason to do any different.


Stormbinder MOD Stock

Stormbinder MOD Brace