CNC Warrior Muzzle Extensions

CNC Warrior has made muzzle extensions and shrouds for many years. When permanently attached to your muzzle, they can be used to legally add barrel length to your weapon. This is normally done to comply with laws regulating rifles as opposed to laws regulating pistols. Generally, rifles are allowed to have features that pistols may not. Features such as foregrip, scope, and buttstock are only allowed on rifle length weapons unless the gun is registered as an NFA regulated weapon.

We certainly do not claim to have legal expertise and do not intend to provide legal advice on this matter, but gun owners should be very careful to study the legal ramifications of possessing a non-NFA registered short barrel rifle (SBR). Similarly, if you are thinking about registering a weapon as NFA controlled, you should consider that decision very carefully since it restricts movement of the weapon across state lines, access to the weapon by anyone else, transfer of the weapon to others whether by sale or inheritance, among other considerations. There is plenty of information regarding this topic online, so we would just suggest an abundance of caution.

In the last few years, we have developed a new line of muzzle extensions designed specifically for permanent attachment to modern combat pistols.

They feature:
Light weight
Corrosion Resistance
Easy access for cleaning and oiling
Easy Permanent Attachment
Maximum Functionality (slitted and ported designs are very effective flash hiders)
Nice, balanced look on gun
With the threat of new ATF armbrace rules on the horizon, we have expanded this product variety and ramped up production in attempt to optimally cover as many guns as possible should these rule changes actually take effect. As stated in video linked here, we do not think the rule changes should, or will, actually be made permanent and we hope they are struck down ASAP. But if not, we will try to supply as many of these helpful devices as possible, charging a fair price regardless of supply/demand, and we release the functional design into the public domain so as to prevent attempts by anyone to choke off supply.

We are currently producing 5 thread patterns:
M14 LH
M24 RH
M26 LH
1/2-28 RH
5/8-24 RH
Our smaller diameter (approx: 1.375" OD) shrouds are available in the following overall lengths:
Our larger diameter (approx: 1.7" OD) shrouds will be available soon in 6.35" and 7.06" lengths.

We welcome suggestions for other length/thread/diameter combinations. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the firearm(s) that each combination would be targeting.

When determining what overall length that you may need, keep in mind that your barrel will normally protrude into the shroud by at least 1/2", so the shroud has to overcome that length before it actually starts to extend the barrel.

Product is available now. Backorders will be allowed to a certain extent when inventory runs out as we will be in constant production if necessary but will post alerts on the product page if backorders extend beyond a few weeks. As always, and especially since this is helping remedy a volatile situation, you may cancel your order at any time. Otherwise orders are filled in the order they are received.

We are very thankful for all of our great customers over so many years. Regardless of what happens during these uncertain times, please know that CNC Warrior will do our best to help where we can.

Denny Butts
Member Manager
CNC Warrior LLC