2017 Labor Day Sale

Regarding: CNC Warrior's ability to operate during viral outbreak and economic turmoil

Starting 3/26/2020, our county is under a "Stay at Home" order that will cause companies to discontinue business for at least a few weeks. However, in addition to supplying cutting edge gun parts for gun builders everywhere, we are also a
critical parts supplier to military, aerospace, and heavy industrial entities. We are therefore, exempt from those orders.

Our key suppliers have confirmed that they are also exempt. For now, we anticipate some delays caused by high demand and reduced workforce but orders will continue to be delivered as efficiently as possible.

If ever forced to close, we will refund all unfulfilled orders before shutdown.

For the near future, we face increased workload and request that you limit inquiries as much as possible.

To help, we have a new email specifically for important issues like order changes and cancellations.


Checked multiple times daily.

Thanks to all of our valued CNC Warrior customers. We are dedicated to providing great products and service for many years to come, and we plan to do it in spite of political, economic, or environmental strife.