CNC Warrior designs and manufactures thread adapters for most common muzzle configurations. We don't really specialize in custom work so we can only produce adapters that will have decent market demand. But if you need one that we don't currently offer, and you think at least 100 or so other people will want it too, let us know and we will be glad to consider adding it to our product line.

Each new adapter is carefully studied regarding the probable firearms, ammunition and muzzle devices that it will interface with. With that in mind, we try to produce the highest quality adapter possible given the range of applications that may be used.

Here is an example of some of the feature considerations that have been built into some of our latest designs:

We hope that you appreciate our effort to make the very best product available. There may be some configurations that just need slight changes for your particular setup (even in thread patterns that we already offer). Please do not hesitate to offer suggestions for such situations: [email protected]