CNC Warrior designs and manufactures top quality folding stock solutions for the most popular AK variant guns. Whether you want tubular “Galil-style” , “M4 / AR15” collapsible style, or any of our other very popular stocks, we most likely have the adapters, hinges, and buttstocks to provide everything you need for mounting it to your gun in either fixed or folding configuration.

When mounted to a pistol, as shown above, this converts the gun to a short barrel rifle. NFA rules then apply, so that you must register the gun according to federal law and pay a one-time tax accordingly. See here for more information and check your local and state laws regarding SBR ownership as well.

But what you end up with is a compact, short-range tactical, somewhat concealable weapon with a ton of firepower that is fun to shoot and sure to be one of the coolest weapons in your arsenal.

Click on one of the gun images above to check out the buttstock offerings that we have for that weapon and let us know how we can help to make your SBR conversion project a smashing success!