2017 Labor Day Sale


We are thankful for the great response we have had during this sale. But we were
not able to reach about 1/3 of our customers in time due to glitches in our phone system
and email server. So we will offer these great deals for another couple of weeks
and apply any discounts that would have been due to customers who purchased during the few days
after the original expiration date.

CNC Warrior is a design and manufacturing company that is a part of, and has a deep appreciation for
the unsung effort, challenges, and struggles which are met by working men and women everywhere.
In recognition of this powerful force that works every day to better our lives and our legacy,
CNC Warrior is glad to offer these great opportunities during the week of labor day.

20% off on all muzzle devices, including our extremely popular thread adapters
with a purchase total of $100 or more

20% off on AK47 tubular buttstocks

OFFER valid thru 9/23/17
while supplies last

We now have Russian and Yugo pattern milled AK receivers in stock. Great care was taken to produce these receivers to exact specs. The end result is extremely precise and beautiful components that will build easy and provide a long life of reliable service. Receivers are being heat treated this week and will ship on week of 9/18/17.

VZ58s are running now! .

We offer custom options and reduced price for customers who reserve
receivers in pre-sale. This helps us pay for upfront tooling, labor, and material costs.

Orders placed for VZ receivers by September 23rd will
receive a $50 discount that will be applied to final purchase and be eligible for custom options.

Once the batch of receivers is complete, no further processing or customization will be offered.

**** OFFERS VALID UNTIL September 10th, 2017 ****