CNC Warrior's 2017 Spring Sale

There is finally a great buyers market again in guns, gun parts, and accessories.

This is a welcome opportunity after so many years of low supply and premium prices.

CNC Warrior will be a strong buyer in this market as we have in the past
before our second amendment rights were under such clear and present danger.

It is our understanding that the ATF has rescinded the intent to prosecute users of stabilizer
arm braces as if their use magically turned the guns into SBRs.

It has also been reported that ATF intends to relax the restrictions against lawful use of suppressors.

We hope that this wave of sanity will also result in a relaxation of the rules and laws regarding
importation of parts kits from overseas. If so, CNC Warrior will accelerate our efforts to
obtain, distribute, and manufacture items that help freedom loving Americans
everywhere produce replica and derivative weapons from these high quality parts.

As we enter this different market environment, it makes sense for us to let go of some of
our inventory to free up capital for the more aggressive purchasing of new items.
So this sale represents a shifting of gears in our business and gives you the opportunity to get
fantastic prices on some great parts. We will close out some of these products simply because
we will not have enough machine time available to make them again. Others we will make again
eventually , but may be out of stock for quite a while.

So we welcome you to load up on some great deals while they're available
and let us know if you would like to get even deeper discounts by purchasing in
quantity for resell (normally 50pcs or more depending on product).
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